Training of officers and non-commissioned officers from Congo and Gabon

cours congo-gabon 15
cours congo-gabon 15

The training that officers and non-commissioned officers from Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon receive on board the Godetia is very much focused on coordination with the MOC’s: the Maritime Operation Centers.

These command centers will detect suspicious ships and order military ships to intervene. It is not easy to coordinate operations between patrollers and MOC’s from different countries that monitor the territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone of the Gulf of Guinea. The concerned countries increasingly realize that the richness of the oceans is not unlimited and that it must now be properly managed in order to preserve it.

So every morning, exercises of this type are organized on the basis of a scenario that takes up the situations encountered in this part of the world. African trainees contact the MOC’s of the countries from which we cross territorial waters. Then, depending on the fictitious but plausible means put at their disposal – reconnaissance aircraft, patrollers – they must draw up an action plan to intervene on the suspect ship. It is a battle both maritime and legal that then engages against the offenders. Trainees must adapt to the type of suspected offense: illegal fishing, drug trafficking, degassing, etc. Many scenarios are seen in order to give each situation a maximum of experience. These actions require good planning and coordination between the MOC’s and those actually present at sea.

The aim of this training is not only to improve their professional skills but also to create links between them all, which will have to work even more together tomorrow. Living and practicing aboard the Godetia allows everyone to get to know each other better and to appreciate each other. A guarantee for a better collaboration during future real actions at sea!