Training of Beninese and Togolese sailors on board

Nemo Ex incendie 70
Nemo Ex incendie 70

The formation of the Beninese and Togolese sailors aboard the Godetia continues in an excellent atmosphere. This however does not impede working and performing typical on board exercises.

For instance, they had to do everything to reinforce the damaged parts of the ship which was damaged as a result of a collision with another vessel during the exercise scenario. These are techniques of measurement, cutting of wooden stanchions and realization the assembly as soon as possible, in order to prevent from sinking.

Another exercise simulated one of the biggest fears that sailors have on board: fire. All stages of firefighting were carried out by the trainees. From the command post where the choice of priorities is made, to the actual deployments of the lances.

This training was part of the full NEMO exercise program. This included a new element thanks to the intervention of the French firemen who came on board through to their helicopter. It is an excellent exercise for the Togolese and Beninese sailors as well as for the French sailors which thus simulates at best a possible deployment. We have to coordinate our efforts, the means of communication, and so on.

Only such an exercise like this allows everyone to be actually ready for the day when it will be a real case.