Training for Congolese and Gabonese trainees II

art congo-gabon 1
art congo-gabon 1

The training of Congolese and Gabonese officers and NCO’s was focused on working with the various MOC’s as described in the previous article.

The presence on board the Godetia of these African sailors was also an opportunity to show them our methods of handling operation for different procedures specific to life on board. They attended fire drills from the position of the officer in charge and also from the men deployed to extinguish the fire.

The instruction during their stay on the Godetia was supplemented by certain modules like the techniques of shoring. Easy and practical techniques were given to them to repair the damaged ship at sea. The theory is often simple compared to the practice, that’s the reason why they had to do a real job. The conclusion of the test, the stanchion held well!

Other sessions were given like, for example, a course on emergency medical techniques. All these exchanges of information were the occasion of comparisons of Belgian, Gabonese and Congolese techniques. These discussions are very enriching and above all allow everyone to get to know each other better.
Our trainees are certainly sailors but also military, so sports sessions were planned on board with the instructor. We have demonstrated to them that it is possible to carry out sports sessions at sea.

After this intense week of information sharing, the trainees received a diploma from the captain and the US liaison officer for the APS program.
They now have to apply the knowledge acquired on board.

Good wind to them and see you soon!