Trainees on board: retrospect

remise diplome benin-togo 110
remise diplome benin-togo 110

While the mission of the Godetia enters its final phase, it is the moment to have a small retrospect on the African partners who followed an on-board training.

First we had a team from Cape Verde, then another team from Benin and Togo, followed by a team from Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon.

The Cape Verdeans focused on advanced boarding methods. They were supervised, in addition to the Belgian sailors, by instructors of the US Navy who came aboard for this purpose. They also took courses in firefighting and small arms handling.

Then we welcomed a team from Benin and Togo. They completed a training week filled with diverse and various exerices. In addition to all the courses, they had the opportunity to carry out an exercise with the French sailors. Some of them even had an air baptism in an Alouette-helicopter! A very busy week indeed, which was also marked by the baptism during the passage of the equator.

Finally, the last team consisted of Congolese and Gabonese officers and non-commissioned officers. Here again the training was matched to their expectations and needs: to be able to work with the different MOC’s of the Gulf of Guinea. This week was also used to show them different on board procedures such as firefighting.

The training sessions were tailored to the specific needs of the shippers and responded to their expectations. It was a pleasure for the Belgian sailors to share their knowledge but also to share the Belgian conviviality that reigns aboard the Godetia.