Sailors from various West African countries will train with members of the Belgian Navy.


The training program and exercises are specific for each partner country. Belgian soldiers and their African counterparts willingly share their experiences to improve their skills.

This partnership goals to increase each navy’s capabilities to a level where they can autonomously ensure law compliance and security within its national waters and beyond.

MCB 18’s training mission is based on two programs: Africa Partnership Station (APS) and the Military Partnership Program (MPP).

Africa Partnership Station (APS)

Improve security off Africa

Improving safety

The African Partnership Station (APS) combines various activities and projects to improve maritime security off West African coasts. Developed by the United States’ naval forces, the international initiative encourages cooperation between all African, European and American sailors.

Military Partnership Programme (PPM)

Belgium & Benin, a recurring partnership

Increase the capacity of the Beninese navy

Belgium and Benin enjoy good relations thanks to regular exchanges, especially in the military domain.

Maritime Capacity Buidling 2018 with the A960 GODETIA is part of the Military Partnership Program (MPP) between the two countries, aiming to increase the Beninese navy’s capabilities.

This year, Beninese sailors will board the Belgian ship to follow technical courses and participate in exercises. For example, students will follow relatively hard trainings for navigation safety. These exchanges allow sailors to improve and facilitate further international collaborations.