Nemo International Exercise continued

Boarding team nigeria 34
Boarding team nigeria 34

Much more than an exercise between European vessels in Africa, Exercise NEMO provides an opportunity for sailors from several African nations to train with European counterparts.

The first unit that participated actively in this exercise comes from Nigeria. Thanks to the work of its shore crew, the Nigerian frigate arrived quickly near the Godetia who simulated a suspicious ship. After questioning the ship’s command according to international criteria, the Nigerian seamen conclued – as the scenario of this exercise had anticipated – that there were enough suspicious elements to intervene. As a result, a Nigerian boarding team boarded the Godetia to carry out a physical inspection of the ship.

This mission of control of a suspicious ship imposes specific procedures for the members of the boarding team. This operation requires good preparation and regular training to be performed correctly.

The execution of this control by the Nigerian seamen went very well. Under the eyes of French instructors of the Ventose, they did an excellent job. For example, they managed the incident simulating a wounded man. The final debriefing put forward only details of execution that will allow them to be even more professional in their real actions.

As a result of this boarding exercise, the French, Spanish and Belgian vessels jointly carried out specific positioning maneuvers planned for the deployments. It is a kind of precise choreography that must be performed as well as possible.

The rest of the NEMO exercise with the participation of other nations, helicopter in the next articles.