International Exercise NEMO

Nemo i 34
Nemo i 34

After having left the port of Cotonou, the Godetia hook up with other military ships to participate in an international exercise called NEMO.

This one-week exercise is organized by the French Navy. It includes several phases and integrates Spanish and Belgian navy, and a lot of our African partners. For example, frigates and patrollers from Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon were able to work in different exercises.
This Belgian participation in the NEMO exercise completes the commitment we have with our African colleagues. These offshore exercises are essential tools in the process of improving their professional skills.

This type of exercise is also an opportunity for European ship crews to maintain and improve their own skills.
The first exercise of NEMO consisted of passing lines between the different European military ships. It is an exercise that requires concentration and constant respect for safety measures. These lines make it possible resupply a ship with water, food, fuel, mail, and all that is necessary to continue a mission.

The presence of all these vessels also allows us to train the different marine control centers of our African partners. That is why from the first day a Togolese patrol boat came to observe us as expected.

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