Exercise Nemo : final sequel

boarding team gabon 33
boarding team gabon 33

All participants in Exercise NEMO had specific navy exercises to perform. In order to increase the benefits of those exercises for all, some scenarios have been written to best simulate real situations in these regions.

Sailors of Equatorial Guinea and Gabon carried out a “boarding” on the Godetia who simulated a suspicious tanker. Our Togolese and Beninise trainees played the extras to emphasize the realistic setting of the exercise.

It is the operational center of each country that observes an anomaly of the course of the ship and then sends a team to control it. Everything begins with an approach by a patroller or a frigate, followed by the exchanges of radio messages, more or less firm in accordance with the answers given.
If any suspicions persist, the head of the boarding team decides to physically check the suspected vessel. Getting on board of a ship requires some skill to ensure the safety of all. If necessary, after interrogations and paper checks, the boarding team starts the search of the people and the ship. Depending on what they find, ad hoc actions are taken.

The teams from Gabon and Equatorial Guinea all took the exercise seriously, and the post-exercise briefings gave them inputs to work even better in the future.

Exercise NEMO was also an opportunity for the pilots of the French Alouette helicopter to carry out a landing on the Godetia. An exchange of men and equipment was made by helicopter between the French and Belgian vessels. A life-long training that maintains the required level of skill.