End of training for trainees from Togo and Benin

remise diplome benin-togo 92
remise diplome benin-togo 92

The last days aboard the Godetia were very busy for our Togolese and Beninese trainees.

On the program, a complete fire drill that reviewed all the techniques learned during the previous days. Everyone took part in this exercise with enthusiasm and determination. The instructors’ remarks were heard and directly implemented by the team leaders.

Rehearsing techniques in the silence of a classroom is very different from running them under pressure of time and stress. But everything went well and the fire was mastered within the limits that had been given.

The day after this exercise, our African colleagues had to wake up earlier than usual. Neptune invited them to a ceremony for the passage of the equator. The Pirate Chief and his deputies hastened to pass the tests of baptism to the neophytes. After some surprising activities and other disgusting tastes, they became sailors baptized for the equator.

To conclude this training, a graduation ceremony was organized on the Godetias’ helicopter deck. The commitment shown by all trainees, their good mood and their skills was remarked by the Belgian sailors. It was with pleasure and joy that the Commander and the APS Liaison Officer handed over the award.

After a last evening on board, our African friends landed the next morning in Douala to join their respective units. To all of them we wish them good wind and see you soon.

On this occasion, new trainees from Congo Brazzaville and Gabon replaced them on board to follow trainings. To be discovered in our next articles.