African boarding teams on the Godetia

demo ex cotonou
demo ex cotonou

During its crossing along the coasts of West Africa, the Godetia served as a training vessel for several African boarding teams.

Cape Verdiens, Beninese, Nigerians, Gabonese, as well as sailors from Equatorial Guinea boarded to perform a boarding exercise.

All these crews had the task of controlling a suspicious vessel simulated by the Godetia. After the radio interrogation, they all had to get on board to check the documents. The objective is to physically interrogate people, conduct a search of the ship, and arrest suspects if necessary.

All these operations must be carried out correctly while respecting safety measures. Indeed everything is possible and the risk can come from everywhere. Unaware about the scenario reserved for them, they had to adapt as best as possible to the situation presented. This type of exercise is very similar to the real situations they may face.

All the exercises went pretty well, they all took this training very seriously and spared no effort. The debriefings at the end of the exercises were also an opportunity to discuss peacefully with the people who played the role of the “bad guys”.

The participation of all these different African nations demonstrates the success of these international exercises. This is an opportunity for these sailors to acquire even more experience and then to improve the safety of this zone of the world.